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iCloud ne marche toujours pas c est dommage

Finally FF7 on IOS

The best game ever! Finally FF7 has come to IOS. Now, enjoy it and wait for the next generation remake!

To fast!!

This game is fantastic!! But i dont know why, the game is to fast them i remember!!


I found a bug. On mako reactor 5. Barret and tifa doesnt "get out" from Cloud to touch the circles This bug happens when I touch the circles no first time then i close the app and then try to touch again. So now im locked here because the door doe-se open

Almost perfect

The game is the same, the controls are fine but the game is too fast for first timers and people that want a similar experience to the original to enjoy

About Final Fantasy 7

This game is good, but my favorite game is Final Fantasy 8.

Bug at Aeris House

Theres bug, you cant sneak out because the game WONT let you walk in that part... No matter how hard you press the walk button.

Best ff

Best of the serie

Even verter than The original!

The graphics are amasing in The iPhone 6... Im so glad to be abble to play Thiago fantastic game once again!

Aeris House.

I found the same bug on Aeris house, I cant sneak out there.

The speed of the game is too fast and wrong

I have an ipad 4 and the game is too fast that I dont have control of my characters in the fights

bug on the battle (pause)

The gameplay is strange sometimes is slow. And I found a bug. The battle break alone and not snap out of break. Please mend.


Finally. There is just a little problem right now. It starts to lag on the world map when we exit any city or town. So fix this problem quickly. Until now I dont found any other problems. Im waiting the arrive of Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX to arrive on iOS devices.

Glitches and crashes...

Its awesome! Just like the original! Even the classic glitches were ported, like [mild SPOILER ALERT]: the W-Item, the elixir on the snow fields and the duplication of treasures in the northern cave!! But ive been experiencing some crashes while fighting the Ruby Weapon and some random monsters at northern cave.. I hope it gets fixed soon.. Playing it on iPad Air, no other apps running on background, full batteries and so on... I dont see any possible reasons for the crashes so far.. And hoping that Xenogears gets ported and remade too!!

Must have


Back to the 90

Für nen 10er in der Aktion gekauft! Bestes FF ever! Wie auf PS ONE

Rubin Weapon is buggy

Hi there, when I had killed Rubin Weapon, the battle screen doesnt will end, two times. Please fix it.

Fun but glitchy

A lot of fun playing ff7 and reliving my childhood gaming memories but the extremely slow world map plus and the fact that the game pauses randomly mid fight and freezes causes a lot of annoying waits and disruptions causing you to restart.



Max stats bug

If you used max stats then when u go to get final attack material in battle square you cant because you cant teach cloud omnislash

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